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Plant-Based Catering

As founder and owner of the restaurant Elizabeth’s Gone Raw and The Catering Company of Washington, Elizabeth Petty was inspired to change her diet after a breast cancer diagnosis in 2009, thus enjoying the benefits of a plant based lifestyle. At The Catering Company of Washington, the vegetable, with all its healing properties, is glorified and celebrated.


Passed Hors d’oeuvres

Salt Cured Baby Purple Potato | crème fraîche, kelp caviar

Chilled Vichyssoise | clotted coconut cream

Stuffed Black Mission Figs | 'feta', candy walnut


Mara Des Bois Strawberry Gazpacho | yellow watermelon heirloom cherry tomato, honeydew, cucumber crème fraîche, pickled okra


Cold Pressed Chayote Squash | cello wrapped squash blossom, porcini mushroom, quinoa, pickled garlic cream, potato-leek


Sunset Apricot Ice Cream | roasted lemon mousseline, pineapple powder, apricot chip

Selection of Organic Teas


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